Several DB implementations are provided by default. They accept the following parameters:


{'type': 'CouchDB', 'root': 'http://localhost:5984', 'collection': 'object_recognition'}


{'path': '/tmp', 'type': 'filesystem', 'collection': 'object_recognition'}

Empty (only for testing):

{'type': 'empty'}

Any custom implementation will have the “noncore” type.

Couch Db

We are using couchdb as our main database and it is the most tested implementation. To set up your local instance, all you must do is install couchdb, and ensure that the service has started.

The following should download and start the couch on Ubuntu like distros:

sudo apt-get install couchdb

To test that it is working properly:

curl -X GET http://localhost:5984
% {"couchdb":"Welcome","version":"1.0.1"}

The couchdb version should be greater than 0.10.0.


If you would like to expose your couchdb instance to a different port, or bind to a different interface, besides the loopback, edit /etc/couchdb/local.ini.

For instance, changing the bind_address to will allow your couchdb to be accessed on any interface.

[httpd] port = 5984 bind_address =

After editing this file, restart the couchdb service:

sudo service couchdb restart

Web UI

We have a set of webpages that may be pushed to your couchdb instance that help browse the objects that you train, or models created.

First make sure you have couchapp:

sudo pip install -U couchapp

There is a make target for installing the web ui for your convenience.:

make or_web_ui

This will push the app to the location specified in the Cmake cache, by the variable, OR_WEB_UI_LOCATION. Use ccache or cmake-gui to point it to a different location if you like.

You can manually push it also, if you need more flexibility, or hate the cmake cache. cd to the object_recognition/web_ui directory and run couchapp in a manner similar to the following.:

couchapp push . http://localhost:5984/or_web_ui

We provide a utility that automatically installs the visualizer on the DB.

rosrun object_recognition_core

This will upload the contents of the directory to collection in your couchdb instance, called or_web_ui. After this you can browse the web ui using the url http://localhost:5984/or_web_ui/_design/viewer/index.html


Object Recognition tools manipulate the database either using libCURL or python-couchdb. You may find it helpful to browse the default db HTML interface at http://localhost:5984/_utils

We also provide scripts located for maintenance located in the db_scripts folder.