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object_recognition_reconstruction: 3D Object Reconstruction

Reconstruction provides a utility to create a 3d reconstruction of an object. For now, it creates an approximate untextured mesh from captured data, that is good enough for grasping. The algorithm simply merges the depth imags from several views and smoothes them a bit. Nothing smarted is done.

Install dependencies

First install meshlab as it is used to go from the aggregation of depth maps to a mesh:

sudo apt-get install meshlab

Command Line

From the command line, you want to execute the following command to compute all meshes and commit them to the local DB:

./apps/mesh_object --all --visualize --commit
rosrun object_recognition_reconstruction mesh_object --all --visualize --commit

Or tune your parameters using the appropriate command line arguments:

$ /home/vrabaud/workspace/recognition_kitchen_groovy/src/object_recognition_reconstruction/doc/source/../../apps/mesh_object --help
usage: mesh_object [-h] [-s SESSION_ID] [--all] [--visualize]
                   [--db_type DB_TYPE] [--db_root DB_ROOT_URL]
                   [--db_collection DB_COLLECTION] [--commit]
                   [--niter ITERATIONS] [--shell] [--gui] [--logfile LOGFILE]
                   [--graphviz] [--dotfile DOTFILE] [--stats]

Computes a surface mesh of an object in the database

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SESSION_ID, --session_id SESSION_ID
                        The session id to reconstruct.
  --all                 Compute meshes for all possible sessions.
  --visualize           Turn on visualization

Database Parameters:
  --db_type DB_TYPE     The type of database used: one of [CouchDB]. Default:
  --db_root DB_ROOT_URL
                        The database root URL to connect to. Default:
  --db_collection DB_COLLECTION
                        The database root URL to connect to. Default:
  --commit              Commit the data to the database.

Web Interface

Reconstruction also provides a web interface to visualize the different meshes. In your build folder, just run:

make or_web_ui

You can then visualize the meshes here: http://localhost:5984/or_web_ui/_design/viewer/index.html


To create a textured mesh from a colored point cloud in meshlab: